Brain Impact Summit:

Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease

Feb 17, 2024

Lake Nona Wave Hotel 6100 Wave Hotel Drive Orlando, FL 32827

This event will feature renowned speakers discussing cutting-edge research, innovative treatments, and lifestyle changes for managing Parkinson’s disease. Gain insights from leading neuroscientists on current therapies and potential future treatments to control the condition and enhance memory.

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Creating Impact in PD Today

Michael Okun, MD

Director, Normal Fixel Institute UF

Dr. Benes photo

Unlock Your Mind: A Guide to Improving Memory and Cognitions In Parkinson's Disease

Lourdes Benes, MD, FAAN

Medical Director, Neurology One

Dr. Rodriguez photo

Unlocking the Future of Parkinson's Treatment

Ramon Rodiguez, MD, FAAN

Medical Director, Neurology One

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