People With Dystonia Will Have Another Treatment Option

The Neurology One Clinic and their group of dedicated Orlando Neurologists is committed to providing cutting-edge treatments and services to our patients. Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of a new treatment for cervical dystonia: Daxxify. In this blog post, we will explain how this innovative treatment works, its potential benefits, and what you can expect when you visit our clinic for treatment. Stay tuned as we explore this exciting development in neurology care at Neurology One Clinic.

What Is Cervical Dystonia?

Cervical dystonia is a movement disorder that affects many individuals. Involuntary muscle contractions can lead to neck pain, difficulty in movement, and even disability. To address this condition, the use of botulinum toxin is a viable treatment option. It helps to relax the affected muscles, alleviating the symptoms and enhancing the overall quality of life. However, the treatment necessitates administration every 12 weeks, causing considerable discomfort to the patient. Fortunately, there is promising news. The FDA has recently approved a new botulinum toxin called Daxxify, which may provide lasting benefits for up to 24 weeks, reducing the need for frequent treatments. In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of botulinum toxins, their application in treating cervical dystonia, and the transformative potential of Daxxify for individuals enduring this painful condition.

What Is Botulinum Toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a substance produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. It blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, leading to temporary muscle relaxation. Because cervical dystonia is caused by involuntary muscle contractions, botulinum toxin can be effective in treating symptoms. To treat cervical dystonia, the toxin is injected directly into the affected muscle. The procedure is usually done every 12 weeks. That is because the effects of the toxin usually last between 10 and 12 weeks, and repeat treatment is necessary to maintain the benefits.

However, the treatment is far from perfect. Injecting a large muscle with a needle can be uncomfortable and even painful, causing significant anxiety for many patients. Additionally, repeat injections cause discomfort, which can cause the patient to need anxiety medication or a painkiller prescription. Many people may even avoid the treatment altogether due to the pain. That’s where Daxxify comes in.

Daxxify is a newly approved botulinum toxin that works by modifying the chemical structure of the toxin. By changing the toxin’s structure, Daxxify can remain effective for up to 24 weeks, significantly reducing the need for repeat injections. Daxxify could make things far more comfortable for people with cervical dystonia, who previously had to grit their teeth through injections every 12 weeks. This latest innovation in botulinum toxin therapy offers hope to many people suffering from this painful condition.

"In a significant breakthrough, researchers are harnessing the power of botulinum toxin to treat debilitating conditions, opening up a new frontier in medicine. This is more than just a step forward; it's a leap towards a future where patients can reclaim their lives from the grip of these illnesses"

“Botulinum toxin, commonly associated with cosmetic procedures, has proven itself as an effective treatment for a range of conditions, from spasticity after a stroke or brain injury resulting in reduced mobility to other movement disorders like dystonia and benign essential blepharospasm,” he added.

The potential advantages of this treatment are manifold. For patients, it could mean a substantial improvement in quality of life, providing relief from symptoms that often limit daily activities. For clinicians, it offers another tool in their arsenal to combat these complex conditions.

Dr. Rodriguez continued, “The application of botulinum toxin in treating these conditions is like turning a new page in the book of medical science. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of our researchers and the relentless pursuit of better treatments for our patients.”

This development underscores the evolving nature of medicine, where substances originally associated with one application can be repurposed to deliver unexpected benefits. The use of botulinum toxin in treating debilitating conditions is a prime example of this, marking a promising stride in medical research.

It’s essential to note that Daxxify is not for everyone with cervical dystonia. The treatment should only be administered after your doctor has properly evaluated your condition and determined whether you’re a good candidate for Daxxify. In some situations, your doctor may still recommend the traditional botulinum toxin injection regimen.

At Neurology One Clinic, we are dedicated to offering the latest treatment option for patients with cervical dystonia. Our Orlando neurologists, who were part of the research team responsible for testing and approving this medicine, are highly skilled and experienced in administering Daxxify. They can accurately evaluate your condition and determine if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. We are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.

Cervical dystonia is a challenging and often painful condition, but Daxxify provides renewed hope for those who suffer from it. With its effects lasting up to 24 weeks, Daxxify can reduce the need for frequent injections that often cause significant pain and discomfort. Patients with cervical dystonia finally have a convenient treatment option that offers long-lasting benefits. It is important to consult your doctor to determine if Daxxify is suitable for your condition.